National NFBPA Professional Development Opportunities

Mentor Program: A Professional Development Program for Entry-Level Public Servants

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Annually, a search is conducted to identify up to twenty aspiring public managers who show great promise of achieving executive positions in public service. NFBPA will match each of these professionals or "protégés" with a seasoned Black executive. NFBPA has identified a pool of highly successful Black public officials who are eager to share the insight and wisdom acquired from many years in the management ranks, with younger, career-minded professionals who aspire to achieve executive positions in public service. Following the identification of the protégés, mentors are selected from the pool and matched on a one-to-one basis with each protégé. Protégés selected to participate in the Mentor Program retain their jobs and professional responsibilities during the course of the program. Whenever possible, protégés are matched with mentors who live and work within a 50-mile radius, thus supporting frequent face-to-face interaction and telephone meetings.

Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) Program: A Professional Development Program for Senior-Level Public Servants

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The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) was established in 1987 as a program dedicated to grooming African-American managers for the rigors of executive positions in public service organizations. As cities, counties, and states face an enormous array of critical problems - including escalating crime rates, growing demands for social services, rapidly deteriorating infrastructures, and diminishing Federal aid to localities - the need for talented, energetic, creative, resourceful, and capable executives from diverse backgrounds is increasingly present. ELI was established to sharpen the skills and capabilities of an elite core of managers and administrators who have already demonstrated superior achievement as assistant city managers, department heads, bureau chiefs, and the like.

This program is one of the few training Institutes in the United States that offers a curriculum mixed with both academic based theory and practitioner based experience through partnerships with universities and cities throughout the country. The ability to compare and contrast the impacts of urban renewal, transportation policy, economic development strategies, leadership, and other public policies, in seven cities over an eight-month period, is unique to participants of the Executive Leadership Institute. ELI candidates also have the exceptional opportunity to interface with elected and appointed administrators who grapple with public policy decisions daily, citizens who live in these communities and universities that study and analyze public management application and theory.

The Executive Leadership Institute has been developed to meet the needs of experienced managers and administrators. This program is designed for leaders - assistants or deputy/city managers and department directors - upon whom the chief executive officer relies to carry out policies, implement programs, and solve problems. We are particularly interested in admitting those persons intent on securing the position of city/county manager or agency chief within the next 2 to 5 years. In addition to aspiring to achieve an executive position, applicants should possess strong academic training, including a bachelor's degree (required) and a master's degree (preferred). Persons who fulfill these minimum requirements, demonstrate leadership skills, and a commitment to social responsibility will be considered. If you are selected as a candidate, you will be expected to become an active member of NFBPA, as well.